About SunWebApp

Sunday School Management System

SunWebApp is an easy to use and affordable school management application for small schools. It is ideal for Sunday schools and religious weekend schools.

The ease of use helps the school administrators with creating accounts for new students, managing all the student records, managing fees records and keeping all the parents updated on their child's progress.
We, the team at SunWeb aims at providing a quality software at affordable price. Our software SunWebApp is specialized for small weekend schools and provides our users a peace of mind.

Why SunWebApp?

Because ..... It is easy to use student management software

Enrollment Chaos

- Late Registration on the First Day of School
- Lack of Volunteers to man registration office 
- Paper forms hard to read specially email addresses
- Transferring data from paper to excel or Access database

Course Assignments

- Constantly changing rosters for the first few weeks 
- Reprint rosters for the teachers 
- Some still never accounted for 
- Teachers maintaining their own rosters 
- Some kids never go through registration office


- Parents not aware of balances 
- Individuals reminders take a lot of time 
- Effective recording of fees collection 
- Revenues / Expected / Balance (Excel works to some extent)

Communications - Emails

- Google groups work but have many limitations 
- Changing rosters requires constant updates 
- New students, move students, teachers assignments change etc.


- Teachers Roster vs. Registration Office Roster 
- Teachers handing all grades to administration 
- Administration spending hours recording them 
- Grading communication takes too much time 
- Print report cards

Online Registration For Parents

- No rush and long waits 
- Kids moved to classrooms from the very first day 
- Accurate record of fees and visibility of fees balance to parents 
- Fees reminders for parents through email 
-Rosters – Automatic update 
-Electronic Rosters for teacher